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Great Michelle Duff journalism on MOH surrender to witchcraft

  • February 24th, 2019

Ten years ago I recorded my dismay about the risks to women’s health in New Zealand after maternity services were surrendered to the coven calling itself the College of Midwives. It arose from my time as a lawyer involved in drafting contracts when the financial power was moved from doctors to midwives. The decision was made politically so it is too melodramatic to say I felt responsibility for what had happened,
But because the risks have matured pretty much as the worried doctors warned, I have been distressed by how long the perpetrators have been allowed to enjoy their privileges, unexposed. The doctors warned that the price would be paid in the health of women and babies.

So Michelle Duff’s expose of what appears to be disgraceful collusion between the Ministry of Health and the so-called College of Midwives, reassures me that at least some of my Dompost subscription is still going to a real  journalist.

As Kiwiblog says – MoH heads should roll for what Michelle has exposed. And the College should cease to have any role other than that of union. It should be investigated by the Commerce Commission just as opthalmologists were, for anti-competitive collusion at the cost of patients. The law has changed recently to remove a safe harbor previously enjoyed by business associations with more than 50 members.

Further, lets use the money and impetus that we might have used in copying the Aussie Royal Commission into banking. Our regulators assure us that our bankers are not the problem found in Australia where banker self interest buried honesty and duties to customers who trusted them. What about instead getting an open independent investigation into the MOH and College relationship and their subordination of mother and baby health to their common ideology.

If assured that something worthwhile could happen, we might get former obstetricians and GPs to shine a light into the dark and superstitious stable kept by the College of Midwives.


  • Hilary TAYLOR
  • February 27th, 2019
  • 9:29 am

Agree entirely. Ideology has no place in birthing.

  • Eric Crampton
  • February 28th, 2019
  • 11:14 am

The midwives did the same thing a decade ago when my colleague Andrea had a working paper out going through the worsening of outcomes consequent to the shift to midwife-led care.

They sent a very nasty letter to our Head of Department accusing her of all sorts of stuff. We all had her back, but it put her off working in the area for years. She’s only *this year* been willing to go on-record about it.

  • Tauhei Notts
  • March 18th, 2019
  • 3:39 am

That coven calling themselves “The College of Midwives”

Reverend David Bacon, vicar at St Peter’s Church in Bramshaw, suggested the spate of killings could be a result of ‘witchcraft’ or ‘black magic’.


This is great thank you for sharing!


Glad this issue has been tackled. It is quite alarming indeed.

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