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Embarassing mistake

  • May 4th, 2012

I said in Jim Mora's show on National Radio this afternoon that Wellington's  Moa Point sewage treatment plant uses the energy equivalent of 6000 barrels of oil per day. A producer raised his eyebrows and later asked if I meant litre, or gallons. 

I've now lost confidence in my memory. I recall the engineer telling the story, and his reference to barrels. But he may have given the 6000 figure as an equivalent.  I must follow up to get the right figure.

The current operators, United Water, should be able to clarify on Monday, if no one else does before that.  The process captures the solids for landfill disposal, and treats the remaining liquid with UV light before it is discharged to Cook Strait. It is energy intensive, but cannot possibly use 6000 barrels of oil equivalent.


  • peterquixote
  • May 6th, 2012
  • 6:05 pm

Not a big mistake at all Stephen, did  fast Jim Mora notice even, did he  flim flam  on to something else so fast,  you made your point, please get more followup on these things if you can Stephen, do not apologise for being real, with small mistakes, consider me for example I am never real, usually mistaked,

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