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Dinner for China

  • June 1st, 2008

I’ve just been told by Chinese friends that the amount raised by the Wellington Chinese community for the earthquake victims in China, at a fundraising dinner at the Grand Century Restaurant in Tory Street on Wednesday, was $12,500.  The money will go to the New Zealand Red Cross and then directly to the Chinese Red Cross, which has 20 million volunteers.chinese-dinner-web.JPG

It was heart-warming to see how  many different Chinese groups, originally from many different parts of the region, including Taiwan, mainland China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and New Zealand,  came together to take tables at the dinner and contribute to the cause.  The food was excellent too.  As always, the Chinese make fundraising and eating well go together well.

It was a night for eating and drinking as I’d also been to speak at a Thank the Sponsors night for the Randwick Rugby League Club at the Chicago Bar.  I’ll follow up with Kevin Eder of Tradestaff  (the major sponsor) his proposals for improving modern apprenticeships.  His company Tradestaff is a major employer of young apprentices. 



I despise your dinner for China.
It is not heart warming China is a cruel regime intent on world domination.
China presently pays $US 2.50 p/gallon for fuel Stephen. That equates to $NZ 76 cents. Now why is this. It is because China investments have futures on oil and will screw the Western civilisation? Answer = yes.
Stop eating with bloody China Stephen and get real about the collapse of NZ our economy.


Above should read China pays
$2.50 per gallon
that is China pays 76 cents per litre in NZ
currency We pay $2 plus.
It is China who have forward futures in oil.
Who loves China as they screw us.
They have twelve million people pouring carbon into the atmosphere and they breed like possums.
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