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Crusher Collins doesn’t get it

  • May 28th, 2009

I like Judith Collins. I like her determination and bluntness. I like her policies.

But she’s still a girl.

If she really understood how boy racers tick, and how to build a loyal constituency to counterbalance the boy racer fraternity she’ll lose, she would not be crushing those cars. It’s such a waste.

She could recoup costs and sicken the "boys" with one simple change.

Get those confiscated cars into the hands of dreary "old" guys, like me.  

We could play with them instead of killing ourselves on Harleys. I’d  tool around town in a Subaru glowing underneath with devilish blue light. If we got them cheap enough we could turn our tyres to smoke in school carparks at weekends – carefully OSH  supervised of course.

The disposals would need only two conditions –  bidders must be women over 45 or guys over 55, and they can’t onsell them or allow anyone under those ages to use them.

Guys understand smashing your competitors’ toys. It just means you go and build bigger better ones. But to have your toys whiffling around in the hands of incompetent old sissies – that would be real pain.



Brilliant suggestion, Stephen. Possibly your finest idea yet!


God that is so funny, great idea.

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