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Congratulations to the Fairfax papers

  • November 14th, 2007

By publishing the terrorists’ boasts and threats the DomPost and the Press have served Phil Kitchin (the journalist credited with the story) their readers, their country, and the finest traditions of the fourth estate.

They’ll be damned. People who can not see the wood for the trees will whine on about the rule of law. The only complaining should be about the state the law has reached where it is even conceivable that such stuff might be kept permanently from the people who were to be the victims of these strutting thugs.

The publishers should be prosecuted, to uphold the rule of law. If convicted the judge should set a nominal penalty.

Then the law should be changed to reinstate the openness our courts worked under before the insiders were allowed to get so precious about pre-trial disclosure. Jurors can sift out the effect of early reports in the sober stillness of the court room.


  • Ed Snack
  • November 15th, 2007
  • 8:02 am

Ah yes, but who wanted the news released, and released when it was. Very convenient timing to reduce the impact of the EFB stories in, for example, the Herald. I would be very interested in who exactly released this info to Fairfax.

And one has to remark, what proportion of the information is now in the public arena ? What is still unreleased ? This is the “juicy” bits, the sounds bites with impact, but we are missing much of the context. These clowns could be capable of a credible plot, but were they, or is it just more mindless mouthing off ? Maybe a proper public commission of enquiry is an appropriate way to go.


You are entirely right. An impartial enquiry should be held, releasing all the information that can be released without imperilling whoever lead the Police to the goons.

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