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Companies Office another victim of National subjugation?

  • November 19th, 2013

Our Companies Registry was a marvel of user-friendly digitalisation. But I feel sorry for the public service geni who created it. Their good work has been undone, buried inside the e-govt monstrosity.

I do not know how many wasted hours have gone into trying to communicate on the emissions trading unit registration scheme. And I've gone back to paper rather than try again to remember all that is needed for infrequent use of the IRD's horrible system.

But for years I've felt good each time a Companies Office annual return was filed, knowing that it was more simple, reliable and cheap than was possible in any other country.

But now it too appears to have fallen victim to the National government's policy of strangling any successful independent official  initiative inside amalgamated super bureacracies.

First I had to create a new identity when something called 'Realme' would not accept any of the names or email addresses I'm likely to have used previously. It told me my street address does not exist, then showed it all to me, presumably taken from some old record

Then the new me (with identical details to the old me) has to provide direct debit details to pay for compulsory 'services' (filing the annual return) that I have not asked for and find no value in. After that I must get permission from the Registrar to file the same confirmations that the old me could have filed. But that could take days, the system told me.

If New Zealand some day experiences a version of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma, it will be absolutely deplorable, but I'll wonder whether it was someone driven mad by the time wasted in being forced repeatedly through procedures supposed to simplify, but which actually complicate, do not work if you forget your password, and do nothing to make any boat go faster.




And then this week I get notice from Co Office of a universal business number coming to make things easier.

I doubt it. Just leave it alone.

  • Tauhei Notts
  • November 23rd, 2013
  • 3:18 pm

Great post.
Here I was beginning to think that I might be a technophobe because I found the Companies Office site impossible.
Then I tried to find the form to use, pursuant to section 23 of the Incorporated Societies Act, that you fill in when filing the annual financial statements. A search of Incorporated Societies revealed nothing. I came across it by chance when in the Companies section. The site was designed by somebody with Dr Russel Norman’s sense of logic.


I have entered thousands of web sits in the last ten years .
Nothing, absolutely nothing compares with the insane Companies site.
This is the “Real me”, login.
This is the most absurd log in process ever.
I was near the end of it. It had only taken two hours … and it said.
“What is the name of your older Sister’s child”
Well that’s tough … I don’t have an older sister.
I said ‘Elaine’
Then ‘ where was your father’s brother born ‘ I said Timaru.
There was another absurd question about my youngest daughters cousin, and I have forgotten.
Let me guess, “Real me” was invented by a little tie in Wellington, with a very strange mind.
It is brilliantly designed so you can never get on.
I rang them, Companies Office and said
‘Are you having a lot of Registrations to strike off this year’.
Strange you should mention this again, they said, that you would say that, because the Company list is falling dramatically, as we wanted it to do.

Yes indeed folks ; You can not register a Company until you have been through the process of “Real Me’ …. And you won’t pass. … You need three different forms of heiroglyphic to enter you user name, and another three forms of spelling for your password.
Take it from me, the real me will never get registered .. it simply can not be done ..e.

I tried to log in this morning,
It said what is your password and uncles brothers daughter name ‘failed’

You think I am joking, Go to Companies Office New Zealand and register.
You can not. I got struck off


Quite interesting and also thank you for the info you have provided. I am a loyal reader of your blog

  • peterquixote
  • December 6th, 2013
  • 6:21 am

Complaints to IRD are now being sought they say in a letter
Reply to

My letter to them

Inland Revenue is now , as far as I am concerned, impossible to access by Internet.
Someone has devised an access Internet called Real Me.
It is impossible to work this program.
It is a disaster. In my experience of hundreds and hundreds of access arrangements, nothing compares to Unreal Me..
It has to have been designed to prevent access and clean out Companies on the Register.
It certainly got rid of me. After several hours trying I gave up and let our Company lapse.
I will continue filing Company records as if the Company existed.
I refuse to be disfavoured by IRD bureaucratic stupidity.

Paul Scott for self and Black Robin Projects Limited


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