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Borat’s support

  • January 29th, 2008

All these years of thinking the “fashion police” were mythical.

I hope for their sake the Police have a clear chain of authority for this idiotic announcement.

Presumably they can blame stadium management, or the Sevens promoters, or local government. Surely they must be responding to some prude who has the legal right to decide the conditions of entry to what is (for the event) “private property”. I can not believe that Kerry Prendergast has been drawn in to this nonsense.

If this is instead a Police initiative it reinforces their status as an organisation lost and bewildered. In terms of offence to sensitive souls the hero parades and boobs on bikes events  – on public roads – would warrant Police attention long before Borat’s fashion.

If only they’d concentrate on bad people and leave foolishness for social sanctions.

PS I’ve not forgotten to identify the distinct features of NZ serious crime statistics. Too busy to do it justice, so trivia has supplanted it till tomorrow.


  • Georgia
  • January 29th, 2008
  • 2:53 pm

David Gray and the stadium staff have worked very hard to make sure the Wellington stadium is safe for anyone to go to. They are very strict on security and pounce on anyone causing trouble. Makes it feel good for anyone of any age to go to rugby there and walk to town afterwards. My guess this initiative has come from them and they’ve asked the police to back them up. Maybe they felt it went too far last year. But it’s a pity. The Sevens crowd is so good-natured, if raucous, and if you don’t like the “sights”, you don’t have to go. Who watches the rugby unless New Zealand is playing anyway?

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