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Bad management kills Wellingtonians

  • September 6th, 2008

The DomPost editorial ‘Heart of the Mater’ draws on reports we’ve seen for years. Wellington heart patients are only half as likely to get timely surgery as patients elsewhere in New Zealand and our country is already behind first world norms.

These reports should have made Labour and Annette King unelectable in Wellington. But reports of disastrous mismanagement in Health are scarcely news, so inured are we to scandalous failure under Labour’s DHBs. 

Annette King is a teflon political manager. She slid from the Health portfolio leaving her successors to carry the can for the crises brewed on her watch (think Hawke’s Bay DHB) .

In Policing she offered the ‘phase of the moon’ as a cause as the Manukau murder spree went up a gear early this year. Mistrust of the political indendence and integrity of Police HQ is rife. Serious violent criminals can scoff at law enforement.

Her failures kill people. She must wonder herself at her own political survival.

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