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Another theory to explain the inexplicable (2)

  • September 10th, 2008

Jon Johansson on Campbell Live this evening had a theory to compete with the one I illustrated 10 days ago.

To him H Clark is not joined at the hip to W Peters by the terrible fear of what he can disclose about her  should she leave him to his fate. No, to Mr Johansson she is frozen because she is "wedded to the notion of natural justice".

So the woman who opined that the Waitara Police who shot Steven Wallace  were racist, before she knew any of the circumstances (including that the officer who fired the shots was Maori), the woman who dumped Dover Samuels before the Police had even started their investigation, the woman who damned the Exclusive Brethren (known to her as the chinless scarf wearers) and trashed our electoral free speech to "stop their threat to democracy" is now merely displaying her indissoluble committment to natural justice and due process.

And in case you don’t buy that theory, Mr Johansson had another for TV 3’s audience. H Clark has simply developed an extraordinary friendship with Peters, which is in turn evidence of her "unbelievable adaptability" to use Mr Johansson’s words.

Ubelievable is right.

Try Occam’s Razor Mr Johansson. The simplest explanation is usually the best.

She is sticking by him because things will be worse for her if she does not.

Mr Williams is so familiar he can invite himself to Glenn’s yacht looking for more money in June this year, notwithstanding that infamous day when the PM repaid Glenn’s generosity to Labour by shunning him at the launch of his Auckland University business school endowment. Glenn has been an integral part of Labour’s plans for some time. It is inconceivable that his help to Peters was unknown to Clark. But even if we accept her pretence, it is unforgiveable not to test with Glenn directly Peter’s alleged denials on a matter so ethically important.

Mr Johansson should be asked to opine on the theory that  Clark is sticking by W Peters because he will expose her complicity in breaching electoral finance law if she does not.

It is less fanciful than the postulated sudden conversion to "natural justice", or "ubelievable flexibility" in her choice of friends.




  • September 10th, 2008
  • 9:44 am

Swamped as we are with the writings/comments on this subject I’m sure I heard that Mr Peters asked Mr Glenn that the gift not be made public. Therefore it is obvious that he would continue to demign his knowledge of it when other sources revealed it. But it does seem to me a horrible twisted mess primarilly of the Labour Party rather than NZF who to a degree are the innocent party. And Labour go on about ‘secret agendas’ Geezz!

  • Chuck Bird
  • September 10th, 2008
  • 5:28 pm

Stephen, I hardly believe what I heard from Johansson. How do these people get their degrees? Clark’s motive now is clearly self preservation.

It is almost certain that Williams discussed the 100k with Clark. It is also highly likely Winston had a deal with Helen that if she helped him get the 100k from Glenn he would support Labour over the issues that were most important for her.

Helen will be very careful how she treats Winston. If she dumps him and treats him like she has Glenn he is likely to turn feral. For a start he can tell how he discussed the 100k with back in 2005 whether it is true or not. The second thing she has to worry about is that he has a dossier on various Labour MPs including Helen.

Ian Wishart has made much of the rumour that that Peter Davis got out the States under a diplomatic passport because he was being investigated by US authorities. I will not repeat the other rumour about that but if it is true if is likely that Winston as Minister of Foreign Affairs he would know about it. Some might consider this muck raking. It may be but there is a lot more to it if it is true it would be very serious corruption. If any MP uses their position to help a family member either here or overseas to evade being properly investigated for criminal offence that is very serious corruption.

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