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Another reason the SAS remain in Afghanistan

  • April 26th, 2011

 John Key's announcement that our SAS were to stay in Afghanistan for another year aroused curiousity. He said they asked to stay.

Tumeke thought that was an odd reason to mention, even if there were others.

 I heard recently, but am not in a position to verify, that what the government was told by its troops was even more interesting.

They believe they are doing a job worth doing. But the government was also told that if they pulled them out, so many of our SAS would resign to join the Brits, that it would seriously undermine our SAS.

Given that the SAS are carrying us in terms of a fighting reputation, that was a serious matter. I'm told that when the government previously withdrew the SAS, we lost a significant number to Britain and Australia at their first available opportunity.


  • Jim Maclean
  • April 28th, 2011
  • 12:15 am

The country employs the SAS but it does not own them body and soul. The decision to deploy them was not made likely and they have gone to work  to the best of their ability believing that it is important work and will help to keep the rest of us safe from dangerous extremists. Regardless of the debate on that score, once someone as dedicated and determined has comitted to that work, their committment cannot be turned off like a light switch and in our free society it is no surprise that they may "vote with their feet" if New Zealand were to resile from it's previous position. Special forces soldiers are complex and dangerous souls who have seen a side of human nature (their own and others) that is mercifully hidden from the rest of us. They need action to keep them sharp, and given the opportunity most will go to where the action is. Wise leaders channel this hard won and nationally vital controlled agression to the benefit of our nation in particular and humanity in general. To do otherwise poses tangible dangers to all concerned.

  • LRO
  • May 2nd, 2011
  • 7:54 am

I must ask why are we propping up the corrupt kleptocracy of Kharzai?
Why do we support a government that protects the president's brother, one of the world'smajor drug dealers?
Why are we propping up a government that enforces second class status on women and girls?
It is beyond time to remove the SAS and our ongoing contribution to the destruction of Afghanistan.
If it is true " most will go to where the action is." then they are nothing more than mercernaries and should be sacked forthwith.

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