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Air NZ DIY check-in system

  • November 1st, 2008

Wellington is to get the new do-it-yourself check-in and baggage loading system in December, after Auckland and Christchurch according to the Herald report. Several Stuff comments on the story are sceptical but I look forward to the new system.

Funny how technology is permitting a return to the simplicity of the earliest arrangements before check-in became necessary. Only one thing will then remain then to get back to something near the speed still available on some of the smallest airlines and smallest regional airports (where you just carry your own luggage out to the plane).

The final step to retro efficiency would be reinstatement of direct self-collection of luggage from the un-loaders’ wagon train instead of having to wait for them to double handle onto the carousel.

Lets hope bugs with the system are sorted in Auckland and Christchurch so that there is not Christmas travel chaos at Wellington airport. 

On the other hand, by then lower traffic could make everything more relaxed at the airport. We’ll severely economize on travel after our media turn from reporting election sport to catch up with the rest of the world’s panic.

We’re in an election induced sleep-walk in the financial storm. Labour cares more about holding power than the economy in the short term, and does not want to scare the horses. The other parties know that messengers of unwelcome news get shot if they do not reflect  a consensus lead by those in power.

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