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  • June 30th, 2008

Labour has a strategy of looking for media chances to jump on things that interest people where they can not be connected with any responsibility, and hiding from those where they could be questioned about what they’ve done.

Note the contrast between the eagerness of H Clark and R Dyson to comment on the sad rest home mouth taping (long before any investigation of the circumstances) and their absence (until they could jump on liquor licensing) after Police risk aversion probably killed the shot store owner. 

Annette King has been nowhere to be seen while the Police, her responsibility, are deep in trouble. No doubt she’ll re-emerge when they have a good news story.

What an example of loyalty, leadership and  integrity. 


  • Paul Williams
  • June 30th, 2008
  • 3:28 pm

Stephen, you seem to be guilty of essentially the same sin you acuse the government of. What solution would you propose? Would you increase regulation on rest homes, increase audits, increase the qualifications required by carers? Would funding for care be contingent upon any additional or extended requirement? I fear it’s you that’s most guily of media-whoring; this time, over what appears to be a apalling instance of elder abuse.


Thhis post was indeed open to that comment Paul. I should have restricted the implicit and explicit criticism to the absence from the battle lines of the Police Minister at critical times, rather than of the willingness of H Clark and Ms Dyson to comment.

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