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Shadbolt can do more for free speech

  • January 14th, 2008

Tim Shadbolt’s courage has always ornamented NZ politics.¬† He said “bullshit” memorably more than 30 years ago. The left applauded his ‘free speech’ then. He’s¬†been consistent. They were always hypocrites.

Muriel Newman’s site has an interesting account by Tim of his political journey from the knee-jerk left.

Shadbolt’s¬†council¬†can¬†help the defenders of free speech again later this year. The Electoral Finance Act¬†exempts¬†advertising¬† on council¬†owned land and buildings from the rules that deem rental to be incurred on¬†hoarding sites even where they are free.

Accordingly billboards on council land will not use up the derisory expense allowances of third parties, parties and candidates.

Tim’s council, and others,¬†could make their Town Hall frontages available for banners supporting candidates for free speech (the repeal of the Act).

Law¬†changes in 2002 allowed¬†local government become politically partisan if they want.¬†Labour and the Greens¬†liked the idea of “community representatives” spending ratepayers’ money on activism.¬†Their arrogance assumed that it would favour them.¬† Good job if¬†they now rue powers of “general competence”.

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